Company Information

Auditors: RSM Avais Hyder Liaquat Nauman& Company
Suit No. 407, Progressive Plaza, Beaumount Road
Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone Number : +92-21-35655975/6,
Fax Number : +92-21-35655977
Email :
Tax Consultants: Anjum Asim Shahid Rehman
1st & 3rd Floor, Modern Motors House
Beaumont Road, Karachi
Phone Number: +92-21-35672951-56
Share Registrars: Technology Trade (Private) Limited
Dagia House, 241-C, Block-2, PECHS, Karachi.
Phone Number: +92-21-34391316-7 & 19
Fax Number : +92-21-34391318
Sharjah Advisor: Mufti Muhammad Ibrahim Essa
Legal Advisor: Muhammad Jamshid Malik, Barrister-at-Law

Regulatory Information

Company Registration Number: 4-63/Mod-91/448
National Tax Number: 0710414-0
Status of the Company: MSC
Symbol of Company: FANM
Free Float: 15,970,265 (76.05%) as of September 30, 2017


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